How to Join

To become a member of SETEFCU there is a $25.00 deposit to your savings account ($20.00 administrative fee and $5.00 to keep your account open). Call or come by the credit union for more details. The overall process of joining the credit union only takes about 10 minutes.

Southeast Texas Employees FCU Bank Secrecy Act:
Patriot Act Policy:

As part of the credit union's overall compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act, it is the policy of the credit union to have a clear and concise understanding of all credit union member practices in order to avoid criminal exposure to the credit union by any member who would use the credit union's resources for illicit purposes. The objective of this policy is to attempt to ensure the immediate detection and identification of members and any suspicious activity at the institution.

It is the policy of the credit union to maintain maximum compliance with the USA PATRIOT ACT, by identifying new members through:
  1. Internal policies, procedures and controls
  2. Designation of a Compliance Officer
  3. Ongoing employee training-procedures to be reviewed annually
  4. Independent Audit Functions
  1. Verifying the identity of any person seeking to open an account
  2. Maintaining records of the information used to verify the person's identity, including name, address and other identifying information.
  3. Determining whether the person appears on any government lists
A signature card will be completed by all new members. This card will have the members name, date of birth, mailing address and residence address, if different. Also the members drivers license number, social security number and mothers maiden name will be required to open a new account. If the member does not have a photo identification card, two other forms of identification may be used; however, one must be a social security card, and the other may be an affidavit signed before a notary attesting to the individual's identity.